12 - Dic - 2017

Feel The Blues

Christmas Blues

By Rod Cortés from Feel The Blues

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The holidays are usually a time for family gatherings and celebration. It is a time for love and happiness… but sometimes, the holidays tend to make people sad and give them the blues. I’m sure you know someone who gets sad or nostalgic during Christmas for some reason. So, what do you do then? Play some “Jingle Bells” and shake the sad away? Well, that might be an option. But if you’re a true musical Blues fan, the only option would be to feel the Blues to get rid of the blues. So, let me give you some musical suggestions for your holiday time. Whether you get the blues or not, this is still great music to listen to this December.

Christmas Tears” was written by Freddie King in 1961. It’s about lost love and it’s heartbreaking. Especially the first lines where it starts: “I hear sleigh bells ringing, but I haven’t heard a word from you in years”. That line sets the tone for a sad lost love song set during Christmas time. Perhaps one of the best versions of that song is Eric Clapton’s rendition of it during a fundraising benefit for the Special Olympics performed at the White House which was filmed for television.

Eric Clapton – Cryin’ Christmas Tears

Back Door Santa” originally written by Clarence Carter, is a sexy Christmas song that starts out like this: “They call me Back Door Santa, I make my runs about the break of day, I make the all the girls happy while the boys go out to play.” One of the best versions of this song comes from the rock band the Black Crowes.

The Black Crowes – Back Door Santa

One of my favorite Christmas Blues album comes form the king of the Blues, B.B. King. His album, A Christmas Celebration of hope is filled with wonderful songs for the season, both traditional and full on Blues. A great song from that album is “Merry Christmas Baby”.

B.B. King – Merry Christmas Baby

So, enjoy your holidays, and if you start feeling blue, start playing some Blues!